Products - Grey Fabrics


We deal with every type of 100% cotton and mixture, from light to heavy weights such as: Voile, Muslin, Popeline, Plain-weave, Gabardine, Percale, Satin, Rip-stop, Panama, Half Panama etc.
With diferent constructions and yarn-counts, with single and twisted yarns.
In all width-range from 90 cm up to 340 cm. Also special constructions made  according to customers’ needs.


Light and heavy linen fabrics, both pure linen and mixture, with different textures. Availability in all widths.


Light and medium weights basically for clothing. Voile and satin. Both 100% silk and silk/cotton mix.


Different weights for clothing, both plain weave and textures.
Both grey and pfp.


100% viscose and viscose/cotton or viscose/polyester for clothing.
Both light and heavy.
Both continuous and discontinuous viscose.

Technical Fabrics

Different compositions in cotton and polyester or viscose.
Both textures and plain weave. Particularly studied for client’s needs.