Products - Consultancy for production of "Made in Italy" household linens

Thanks to the long experience and to the many knowledges of the producers and very good relashionship with them, we offer to foreign clients consultancy for the supplying of made in Italy home textiles.
We are able to follow-up for our clients all the production stages, from the first research of the articles, to all purchases of materials, even all accessories, to the fabric production, sewing and making-up of finished products, up to the final shipment of the ready goods.
We have contacts in order to provide with exculusive custom-products, also with client’s logo, special custom sizes and any other special custom-requirement.
We guarantee a complete follow-up of all production-steps, also for the solution of any problem that could arise during any of the production stage.
Our consultancy and constant presence and our location very closed to all producers, assure to the clients the continuous control and above all, save to them several and expensive trips to the suppliers, to follow the production on place.